Redlight LED Hunting Flashlight with clamp, continuously dimmable via footpedal or handset, USB power pack for supply

In some regions (Lower Austria, Saarland, Rheinland-Pfalz) hunting of wild boar is allowed by using flashlights that are separated (!) from the rifle. But unfortunately, the ones for sale are not really practical or satisfying in all aspects necessary to make a clean shot.

The brightness of the usual hunting light is only selectable in a few coarse steps (if at all) and always way too bright. So you switch them on and use your free hand to direct the beam slowly from the side towards the target area. But actually you need both hands for getting off a proper shot. Mounting the flashlight on the rifle immediately makes that combination a forbidden weapon (Austria, Germany). And even then the problem of too much intensity would remain.

It was my vision to create a device that is legal, can be operated in absolute darkness, does not infringe with aiming and shooting, that every hunter can easily afford and still makes no compromise on quality and durability. And I made that device reality!

The solution is called the Schweinwerfer:


A redlight flashlight that can be dimmed continuously with a footpedal, has a clamp and USB-powerpack battery that you can charge on any USB port. Both hands are available for shooting! Schweinwerfer makes you independent from the lighting conditions! Only fog can stop you now.

Schwein = Pig, boar, hog    Scheinwerfer = flashlight    which makes   the „Schweinwerfer“

LED flashlight with clamp and ballhead:


Dimmable hunting light on an open stand, ready for use:


Footpedal as dimmer for red hunting light, on bottom of tree stand cabin:Fusspedal des Schweinwerfers

Target area 50m, full power – NOT recommended for hunting, for demonstration of brightness only!

Schweinwerfer volle Leuchtstärke auf 50m entfernte Kirrung

Option: Handset

If you feel that the foot pedal with its 1,2kg weight is too heavy or large for your rucksack or if you plan to change your hunting position in the field, I have a handset for you. It replaces the foot pedal. But you can still use both depending on the situation. It has the size of a think pack of cigarettes and has a clamp so you can fix it onto your hunting jacket. Very lightweight but still sturdy case with an indicator knob to be operated in complete darkness.

The Technology

The Schweinwerfer is 100% maintenance-free. The components were selected by quality and performance first, I have put them through extensive and rough field testing to offer you a 100% practical and durable solution that will withstand the harsh hunting reality. But still it is affordable for every hunter.


Flashlight-Hunting light:

LED-flashlight made of solid aluminum, native red light. That means the LED itself produces red light, no external colour filters necessary which would consume most of the light. That´s why there are no filters available. Continuously dimmable electronic brightness control from 10-100& at 90% energy efficiency. Lightstream approx. 200 lumen, wavelength 620-625nm. Operated via foot pedal.

The brightness of the lean design flashlight is so strong that you will only use approx. 30% of its brightness for actual shooting.

Power Supply

Power supply via standard merchandise USB-power pack battery from 2000mAh capacity upwards – it is part of the scope of delivery. The powerpack can be recharged at any available USB-port with 1A current feeding capacity (almost all today).

Pedal as dimmer:

Massive foot pedal built for stage performances in rubberized coating that does not slip on the floor. It can even be operated with your hunting boots on out of a sleeping bag.

Once in position, the pedal remains there so you can take your foot off and relax your leg for making that perfect shot. It´s like the accelerator in your car: More pressure – faster. The resistance can be varied by tightening an M6-nut and screw.


Clamp and cable:

The massive metal clamp allows for wobble-free fixing on stand walls or window stills or anything that presents yourself as suitable. The ballhead can be set to different positions without tools (0, 30, 90 degree basic setup plus variation via the ballhead). That enables you to adjust on the stand without any tools. The clamp can even be mounted on round bars although with limitations in stability.

The cable plugs are not mistakable so that you can connect the Schweinwerfer blindly on the hunting stand.

The cable are stage cables – rugged and quiet. The cable between the flashlight and the foot pedal is 3m long and can be extended as an option. Up to now, I have made extensions up to 13m which works fine.


Why red light?

Wild boar are least sensitive to red light. Their eyes are very sensitive to green and blue light. Details can be found in this article of Mr. Mag. Christopher Böck of the OÖLJV: koennen_wildtiere_farbe_sehen

I could produce a green or white light Schweinwerfer if ordered but one should really consider the usefulness given the scientific evidence above.

Safety warning:

The Schweinwerfer is operated on 5V USB-batteries and even after 3 hours of full power operation will only get hand-warm at its surface. No hazardous voltages are generated by the device.

To guarantee a 100% safe operation even for people carrying a cardiac pacemaker, I would have to run expensive tests which I cannot afford. That´s why I cannot guarantee a safe operation for people with cardiac pacemakers.